Competition: Win a Pair of Norman Walsh Trainers!

31st August 2009

Competition: Win a Pair of Norman Walsh Trainers! Win a great pair of Norman Walsh trainers. I know because they sent me a pair a few months ago and they look and feel great.

To enter all you have to do is answer this question – In what year was the Walsh brand established in Bolton, UK?

Visit the Norman Walsh website then email your answer to:

Competition has ended.. The winner can choose the size, colour and style of trainers.

Visit Norman Walsh »

Norman Walsh have also setup an exclusive discount code for SmartGeezers and SmartGeezerettes, enter the code – SMARTGEEZER – at the checkout and get 20% off any purchase! This offer ends 30th September 2009.

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Duck & Cover

Men’s Playboy Bunny Girls T-Shirt

28th August 2009

Men's Playboy Bunny Girls T-Shirt Another tshirt featuring a retro-like sultry female that has sucked me into it’s poisonous vortex.

The tshirt is only £20 but seeing the Playboy girls in Chicago is $53, I know which one I’d rather have.

Available in sizes small, medium, large and XL.

This Men’s Playboy Bunny Girls T-Shirt is £20 and shipping is from £2.


Truffle Shuffle – the number shop for your retro, novelty, TV, movie, music related tshirts.

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Analog Team Player Lightweight Jacket

27th August 2009

Analog Team Player Lightweight Jacket Have I been searching for bargains this week or what?

This lightweight, showerproof jacket is perfect for the summer. It can be folded up into itself and stored away like the old pack-a-mac you used to have as a kid.

Maybe that was just me.

Available in sizes small, medium, large and XL and also in a bright yellow/black colour combo.

This Analog Team Player Lightweight Jacket is £25 reduced from £50 and shipping is £3.


Hardcloud is an online surf and snow store with a good range of gear including clothes, equipment, shoes and accessories.

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Adidas Men’s Adi EC1 Trainers

26th August 2009

Adidas Mens Adi  EC1 Trainers These came straight out the blue and what a bargain!

I like the cut of these little blighters and the materials, it’s a right old mix-mash of leftovers at the Adidas factory but it works. And can you go wrong with these for £27?

No, the correct answer is no.

These Adidas Mens Adi EC1 Trainers are £27 reduced in the sale from £60. Shipping is £4.


MandM Direct – is a good store with a range of designer products at pretty tasty prices, have a taste my hungry little friend.

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Boxfresh Harsha Hooded Top

25th August 2009

Boxfresh Harsha Hooded Top Here’s another great product from Boxfresh with the added bonus of being reduced in price.

Yellow and grey is a great colour combo and the blue trim is a nice addition. This raglan cut hoodie has all the usual compliments that a hoodie needs, most importantly a hood.

This Boxfresh Harsha Hooded Top is £33 reduced in the sale from £55. Shipping is £4.


Boxfresh – the official online store for this British manufacturer of quality garments and footwear. Great range of products and well worth checking out.

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Get Personalised Nike ID Products

24th August 2009

Get Personalised Nike ID Trainers The Nike online store has the facility for you to build your own personalised, unique trainers and clothing items.

You can view other people’s designs, create your own and also customise clothing and equipment too. If you’re feeling creative then check it out.


You can see I put together a simple tshirt design using the SmartGeezer black and yellow colours with a splash of grey. It’s really easy and quick to do, the interface is intuitive to use.

The short video below gives you a bit more info about how you can choose the product you want, customise colours and materials, save your design, share it and more.


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17th August 2009 Launched! Holy time pieces! I’ve only pulled my finger out my arse and created a sister site for SmartGeezer! May I present to you…!

I’ve branched out with a blog dedicated to men’s watches so SmartGeezers can also be Timely Geezers. There’s two new watches a week with the usual witty commentary that you’ve grown to love here on SmartGeezer.

Yes…that’s right…you love it.


I’m going to let this post sit here all week while I sit back and enjoy the fruits of my intraweb loins. Normal service will resume next Monday geezers.

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Away Days Freekick Tshirt

14th August 2009

Away Days Freekick Tshirt Jon from Away Days played a beautiful through-ball with this tshirt, I controlled it beautifully and, without dribbling over it, posted a stunning image into the top left hand corner of this post.

I love the wall of rozzers and the fan (wearing a Location jacket if I’m not mistaken Actually it’s a CP Company Mille Miglia jacket) aiming to bend a can around them, great image. Like some kind of one-two with Banksy.

A quality tshirt available in sizes Small to XXL. Also available in a wide range of colours, choose wisely!

This Away Days Freekick tshirt is £25 and shipping is FREE.


Away Days – great selection of original football themed tshirts for fans of all clubs. Items are printed on demand so you have to email Jon to get your order processed; handcrafted internetwear.

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Prize Pony Noughts and Crosses Tshirt

13th August 2009

Prize Pony Noughts and Crosses Tshirt Mikko from Prize Pony got in contact to get the word out about his Noughts & Crosses tshirt. The velcro panel on the front and on the pieces mean you can break the ice with a quick game.

A good quality tshirt available in sizes Small, Medium, Large and XL. Also available in White, Beige and Black.

This Prize Pony Noughts and Crosses Tshirt is €19 and shipping is €10, that’s about 25 of your English pounds. Enter – smartgeezer – for 15% off any order (ends 30/09/09).


Prize Pony – interactive tshirts without any microchips or batteries just good old fashioned velcro!

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Original Penguin Big Tip Sweater

12th August 2009

Original Penguin Big Tip Sweater White Great looking white v-neck sweater with brown/turquoise collars and hem. Lightweight so it’s ideal for our blistering hot summers…honestly, why am I even posting a jumper during the summer?!

OK, we all know why.

Available in sizes Extra Small, Small, Medium, Large and XL. Also available in Grey and Brown.

This Original Penguin Big Tip Sweater White is £49 and shipping is £5.


No Flys On Us – good selection of lesser known brands and unusual items if the mainstream stores aren’t inspiring you.

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