Adidas Originals Marathon 80 Yellow

20th April 2009

Adidas Originals Marathon 80 Yellow Saw these trainers last week and they look pretty sweet if you ask me. Available in a bright yellow or a very garish orange, either way they aren’t subtle.

They’re retro marathon trainers but I’m sure the technology has moved on since whenever they first come out..but who am I kidding, I ain’t running no marathon in these suckers.

Available in sizes 6 to 12. Also available in orange.

This pair of Adidas Originals Marathon 80 are £55 and shipping is £5.


JD Sports your local high street sports shop also has a website selling a lot of the same stuff.

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  1. Fai Says:
    April 20th, 2009  

    Brilliant colours. Fresh and striking. Haha. Sure won’t run in them tho. Haha.

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