Ask SmartGeezer: Black tshirt from Adidas advert

24th February 2009

Ask SmartGeezer: Black tshirt from Adidas advert Got this email from Gary…

Hi Smartgeezer…i have seen the new adidas commercial (the one with beckham, missy elliot, nastase, run dmc etc) and darryl macdaniels (of run DMC) has a black t-shirt with very large trefoil on…where can i get one?

I found this one which isn’t the exact same one but it’s a close sibling.

This Adidas Originals trefoil short-sleeved tshirt is £19. Delivery is £4.


La Redoute – is one of those catalogue sites with loads of clothes for men and women. They have a good selection of men’s stuff wiht brand names, own brands and not so well known brands but it all looks pretty good.

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