Ask SmartGeezer: I need an overcoat when I wear a suit

2nd March 2009

Ask SmartGeezer:  I need an overcoat when I wear a suit Lost emailed in with a false name I presume…

Where can one get formal wear for a 25ish geezer. Thing is, I need to get an overcoat that I can use with a suit, now that it’s winter. As I rarely wear formal wear, I haven’t a clue where to get one, or if there any etiquette kind of things that I should take into account when purchasing one?

Once again, with a whip-crack-away, the slave elves were sent out to work for their meagre supper. They came back with a variety of options for you.

Basically you want a mac or a mid-length/long overcoat. Colours don’t really matter as the jacket will be hiding the suit; you can wear a grey coat with a black suit, a khaki coat with a blue suit. You may just want to consider that the bottom of your trousers and shoes are showing so you could co-ordinate for that but then again, getting an overcoat for every coloured suit you have is getting a bit ridiculous not to mention expensive. Personally, I’d stick to black or grey.

The only things I would be aware of is a) don’t wear anything other than a mac or an overcoat, eg. a ski jacket or something equally too colourful or garish, and b) make sure the coat/jacket/mac is longer than the suit jacket, it looks weird if your suit jacket is hanging down below the overcoat.

Moss Bros – a good little selection.

Burton – have a few macs.

Dress For Less – a good selection at around the £100 mark.

Mainline Menswear – search for ‘coats’ and hunt through the results.

YOOX – Good selection with good search functionality to help you find your size.

Littlewoods Direct – Got a few overcoats for you to check out.

Thanks for the email, let us know if you got anything. If anyone else has any tips or advice then comment below.

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Banter » Ask SmartGeezer: I need an overcoat when I wear a suit
  1. Coot Says:
    March 4th, 2009  

    I REALLY like the overcoat shown in the picture. I don’t suppose you know where it’s being sold do you?

    Regards.. Coot

  2. Coot Says:
    March 4th, 2009  

    Whoops, please ignore.

    SBE (school boy error) alert! 😉

    Click the picture. Doh!

  3. SmartGeezer Says:
    March 5th, 2009  

    Yeah, nice little Ben Sherman number.

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