Ask SmartGeezer: Where can I get some 3/4 length shorts?

14th April 2009

Ask SmartGeezer: Where can I get some good 3/4 length shorts? Steve emailed SmartGeezer:

Going on holidays quite soon to somewhere hot – any ideas where I can find some good 3/4 length shorts/trousers? (And preferrably not ones with hundreds of pockets and seams like cargo pants or silly writing and patterns all over)

Good call Steve – ‘Men Know Your Limits!’. Unless you’re some kind of water sports champion or 15 years old, shorts need to be kept simple.

To add to your fashion lexicon, 3/4 length trousers may also be known as ‘cropped trousers’ or ‘walkshorts’. Never been a fan of 3/4 length trousers but I feel your pain when it comes to simplicity, I’m more of a plain long boardshort (or walkshorts) kind of guy. I like to have more of a draft blowing through my nether regions to fan my ‘Betty Swollocks’.

The slave elves were stopped from eating Easter eggs and sent out on the hunt on a Bank Holiday Monday, no rest for these little blighters…

YOOX – a good selection of designer shorts plus they have a bunch of 3/4 length shorts here too.

Republic – a few plain shorts amongst the cargo and patterns.

Route One – some plain shorts here.

Stand Out – got a couple of plaid shorts.

Urban Outfitters – pretty good range of shorts.

Extreme Pie – a bunch of ‘walkshorts’ most of them with sane colouration.

Dress For Less – a few good shorts. The Tommy Hilfiger ones in the picture are from here, £40.

Thanks for the email Steve, hope there’s some shorts amongst that little lot which will display your legs to the masses in a flattering and impressive manner. Ladies watch out!

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