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2nd February 2009

Blue Inc Clothing The guys at Blue Inc sent over some clothes to review and inform the esteemed clientele of SmartGeezer about their website and clothes.

Twisted Soul Classic Black Canvas Trainers » – a nice pair of dark blue Twisted Soul canvas trainers similar to a pair of low Converse All Stars. Good fit and comfortable and a snip at £15.

Black Romeo Combats » – a good pair of combats; plenty of pockets, drawstring waist, adjustable leg bottoms and hardwearing. £20 to your sir.

Plain Cotton Belts » – also got a couple of simple belts in black and white. Basic but looks good and you can’t go wrong for £4!

I also got a tshirt but it isn’t featured on their website. You can win this tshirt, the combats and a belt by entering the SmartGeezer competition – click here.

Blue Inc a good range of well priced clothes, there’s a 70% off sale going on at the moment too so check it out.

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