Diesel Lukex Fresh & Bright Briefs

13th July 2009

Diesel Lukex Fresh & Bright Briefs The boys at Get ’em Off Men’s Underwear got in contact to let me know about their pants!

They sent over a few and first up are these retro beauties from Diesel, I swear I had to do P.E. in a pair like this a few decades ago.

95% cotton, big elasticated waist band and they’re a snug fit on the old fruit and veg.

These Diesel Lukex Fresh & Bright Briefs are £17.50 and shipping is FREE. Use this exclusive discount code – SMART15 – and get 15% off any order over £40 (ends 01/10/09).


Get ’em Off Men’s Underwear – has a great range of men’s underwear from D&G, Calvin Klein and Diesel. Plus, 5% of all sales go towards the men’s charity ‘Orchid’ to help fight testicular cancer. What’s not to like about these boys!?

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  1. Neal Spencer Says:
    July 15th, 2009  

    Good looking website. Ordered Monday and received this morning (wed) – Fast delivery. Would recommend giving these a go. They must be a new company – haven’t seen around before

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