Gio Goi Grandad Collar T-Shirt

3rd September 2009

Gio Goi Grandad Collar T-Shirt I quite like granded collar stuff and this tshirt looks good. I think it would better suit the thinner, svelter, lean, slimmer geezer. Also the buttons are for show, don’t actually do them up.

Available in sizes small, medium, large and extra large. Also available in grey and white.

This Gio Goi Grandad Collar T-Shirt is £14 and shipping is £3. Use the exclusive discount code – SMARTGEEZER – and get £10 off any order (ends 31/12/09).


Stand-Out – a specialist men’s retailer with loads of items from brands such as Drunknmunky, Religion, Supreme Being, Two Stoned and many more. FREE shipping if you spend over £60.

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