Gio-Goi Robba Men’s Black/Lime Polo Shirt

23rd June 2009

Gio-Goi Robba Men's Black/Lime Polo Shirt Keeping it simple with a black polo shirt trimmed in lime green. Logo up front, tab on the left wing and a grey logo at leftback, the old 1-1-1 formation.

Available in sizes small, medium, large and XL.

This Gio-Goi Robba Men’s Black/Lime Polo Shirt is £30 and shipping is £5 or FREE when you spend over £50 so try and find something else too!


Gio-Goi – the official online home of this British brand of cool with tshirts, jackets, jeans, polos, knitwear, belts, sunglasses and more.

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