Lois Jeans Beige Jumbo Cords

29th September 2009

Lois Jeans Beige Jumbo Cords Brown cords don’t sound great but they can be a good addition and they make a nice change from blue jeans. These are a nice pair and also available in black and navy.

Available in sizes W30-L32 to W34-L34.

These Lois Jeans Beige Jumbo Cords are £64 and shipping is £3. Use the exclusive discount code – SMARTGEEZER – and get £10 off any order (ends 31/12/09).


Stand-Out – a specialist men’s retailer with loads of items from brands such as Drunknmunky, Religion, Supreme Being, Two Stoned and many more. FREE shipping if you spend over £60.

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  1. Thomas Says:
    October 7th, 2009  

    Clicked the “buy this item” button and these trousers look great on all pics but one. The picture from behind seems both uncomfortable and strange…

  2. SmartGeezer Says:
    October 7th, 2009  

    lol – yeah, I see what you mean. Looks like the seam as gone potholing or something. Maybe size up on this pair of trousers?!

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