‘Look What You Could Have Won!’ T-Shirt

25th September 2009

'Look What You Could Have Won!' T-Shirt When our advanced ancestors look back at the 80’s in centuries to come the dominating voice they’lll hear from that decade won’t be Thatcher, Reagan, The Smiths or even Howling Mad Murdoch, it’ll be Jim Bowen.

The man is a legend of epic proportions. Here is one of his many catchphrases captured so the rest of humanity can gain pleasure.

Available in sizes small to XXL.

Listen to Tony – “This ‘Look What You Could Have Won!’ T-Shirt is £12.50 and your BFH is £2.50. Spend more than £30 though and your BFH is FREE.”


Balcony Shirts – a great collection of retro tshirts featuring British towns, computer games, TV shows and more.

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