Prize Pony Noughts and Crosses Tshirt

13th August 2009

Prize Pony Noughts and Crosses Tshirt Mikko from Prize Pony got in contact to get the word out about his Noughts & Crosses tshirt. The velcro panel on the front and on the pieces mean you can break the ice with a quick game.

A good quality tshirt available in sizes Small, Medium, Large and XL. Also available in White, Beige and Black.

This Prize Pony Noughts and Crosses Tshirt is €19 and shipping is €10, that’s about 25 of your English pounds. Enter – smartgeezer – for 15% off any order (ends 30/09/09).


Prize Pony – interactive tshirts without any microchips or batteries just good old fashioned velcro!

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