Saviour ‘Antistar’ Cassette T-Shirt

28th May 2009

Saviour ‘Antistar’ Cassette T-Shirt Continuing with the forgotton formats theme, today we feature the humble cassette tape. I don’t miss the fast forwarding and rewinding, or trying to get a tangled mess of tape out of my stereo after trying to eat it.

God bless digital!

Available in sizes medium, large and XL. Also available in white.

This Saviour ‘Antistar’ Cassette T-Shirt is £40 and delivery is £6.


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Banter » Saviour ‘Antistar’ Cassette T-Shirt
  1. wholesale mens clothing Says:
    May 28th, 2009  

    Such a nice style of the t-shirts. even the style was great, i like the color. looks very attractive.


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