Soul Cal Basic Jog Pant Loungewear

29th April 2009

Soul Cal Basic Jog Pant Loungewear When you’re crashed on the sofa, crisps sitting on your lap, beer dripping from your jowls and your finger twitching on the remote – this range of Soul Cal tracksuit trousers will make the ideal bottom half of your sofa suit. Veg out in comfort.

Available in sizes extra small to extra large and in various colours; blue, black, white and grey.

This Soul Cal Basic Jog Pant is £20 and shipping is £4.


Republic great online store with a real good selection of brands such as Bench, Crafted, G-Star, Drunknmunky, Ecko, Soul Cal and more.

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  1. SmartGeezer Says:
    November 8th, 2009  

    Just got a pair of these and they are spot on for lounge lizards.

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