Vans Madera Eco-Friendly Slip-Ons

8th May 2009

Vans Madera Eco-Friendly Slip-Ons Vans do a good range of checkered slip-ons but these are a little different in their eco-friendliness. Made from natural materials including hemp and bamboo means they’ll degrade into the environment easier without leaving behind any nasty deposits…

…except the sick moves you’ve just engraved onto the streets of your home town!

Available in sizes 7 to 12.

This pair of Vans Madera Eco-Friendly Slip-Ons are £45 and shipping is FREE.


Totally Shoes – a good range of shoes fomr brands such as Etnies, Vans, Gola, EckoUnltd, Kickers and more.

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  1. karma Says:
    May 9th, 2009  

    Great looking shoe, Vans are really good shoes

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