Diesel Darron Jeans

31st March 2010

Diesel Darron Jeans Diesel jeans are one of my favs and these look like a good bet for your money.

Slightly lower set back pockets, straight leg and bright yellow stitiching contrasting well with the dark blue denim.

Available in sizes from 30W/30L to 38W/34L.

These Diesel Darron Jeans are £95 and shipping is £4.


Republic – great online store with a real good selection of designer brands such as Bench, Diesel and Firetrap.

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Duck & Cover

Fly53 Konk Trilby Hat

30th March 2010

Fly53 Konk Trilby Hat I don’t feature many hats on here because I’m not really a hat man but, I realise that I don’t do this site just for my own pleasure and that some people out there may like hats.

So here’s a trilby from Fly53. A casual straw looking hat for the sunny weather…when it comes.

Also available in black.

This Fly53 Konk Trilby Hat is £20 and shipping is £5.


Fly53 – the official home of this pretty cool clothing brand.

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Rusty Nos Shirt

29th March 2010

Rusty Nos Shirt This shirt is a a different twist on the regular check shirts out there at the moment, like a patchwork quilt of some description.

Available in sizes small to XL.

This Rusty Nos Shirt is £45 and shipping is FREE. It’s a preorder item at the moment and should be available in early April.


Extreme Pie – is a UK surf, snowboard and skate shop with many brands and items including clothes, equipment, accessories for both men and women.

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Abuze London Giant Wasp Tshirt

26th March 2010

Abuze London Giant Wasp Tshirt Abuze London sent over this Giant Wasp tshirt and tales of their stupendous clothing collection all featuring original designs.

True fitting, good quality tshirt with a print stretching across the full length.

Available in small to XL and also in purple.

This Abuze London Giant Wasp tshirt is £25 and delivery is £3. Get 10% off with code – freshspring10.


Abuze London – great selection of jackets, jumpers, polos and tshirts all featuring original designs. Free shipping on orders over £60.

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Xsportz XS60 Sports Sunglasses

25th March 2010

Xsportz XS60 Sports Sunglasses Jeni from CTS Wholesale Sunglasses sent over these sports sunglasses with the chunky arms and available in various colours. Fully UV400 protected with polarized lenses.

One dozen of these Xsportz XS60 sports sunglasses are $20 (£13) and shipping to the UK is calculated after ordering. There will also be a customs charge payable on delivery as these are coming from the USA.


CTS Wholesale Sunglasses – selling sunglasses comparible in style to more popular designer brands. All styles sold in boxes of 12 so club together with mates or bulk buy for yourself.

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Adidas Originals X Ransom Valley Lo

24th March 2010

Adidas Originals X Ransom Valley Lo I really like these because of their subtle branding and their hybrid mix of canvas basketball shoe, plimsol and tennis trainer. It’s neither one of them and yet it has elements of all.

Comes with 3 sets of laces if you want to jazz them up a bit.

Available in sizes 7 to 11 and also in black.

These Adidas Originals X Ransom Valley Lo trainers are £65 and delivery is FREE.


Size? – one of the best purveyors of trainerage this side of the Mississippi and make no mistake, mister.

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Zoo York Straight Core Tshirt

23rd March 2010

Zoo York Straight Core Tee Discount Urbanwear sent through this Zoo York tshirt as an example of the range they have on offer.

Solid tshirt, true fitting, good quality print and material, and if you like Zoo York stuff, then there’s plenty here.

Available in small to XXL and also in other colours; white and blue.

This Zoo York Straight Core tshirt is £20 and delivery is £3.


Discount Urbanwear – great range of menswear from skating, urban, surf and smaller independent brands; tee’s to belts to headphones and lots of other stuff.

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NUEU Taurus & Corona Fat Punk Sunglasses

22nd March 2010

Nueu Taurus & Corona Fat Punk Sunglasses Sunglasses Shop sent over a selection of their new Nueu Taurus & Corona sunglasses which have been given an aesthetic overhaul by artist Fat Punk.

These have got a retro 80’s look to them with the big, chunky lenses and frames. The added artwork makes them stand out from your usual pair of shades.

These Nueu Taurus & Corona Fat Punk Sunglasses are £65 and FREE delivery.

Sunglasses Shop – loads of sunglasses from top designer brands such as Dior, D&G, Bvlgari plus others from smaller unique brands.

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Boxfresh Kursall Blue Polo Shirt

19th March 2010

Boxfresh Kursall Blue Polo Shirt Black and blue is not a common colour combo but I do like it and especially with the bold red and white logos adding a bit of balance and focus to this polo shirt.

Part of the new range of polo shirts at Urban Retro.

Available in sizes small to XXL.

This Boxfresh Kursall Blue Polo Shirt is £35 and delivery is £2.50.


Urban Retro – a collection of retro, unique and original tshirt designs plus with other clothing and toys. Check it out.

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Superdry Canvas White Trainers

18th March 2010

Superdry Low Perforated White Trainers A sweet looking pair of canvas trainers with added style and a perforated leather upper like a teabag so your stinking plates of meat get some air.

Available in sizes from 7 to 11. Also available in black.

This pair of Superdry Low Perforated White Trainers are £60. Use promotion code – JVT43 – for an extra 5% off valid until Midnight 26th March 2010 . Delivery is FREE.


Cloggs – an online shoe store with many brands and some clothes.

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