Adidas P Sole Canvas Trainers

17th February 2010

Adidas P Sole Canvas Trainers If you wanna get into a pair of plimsoles from a traditional brand then these could be the puppies for you.

Adidas have got onto the plimsole bandwagon with these bad boys and they don’t look bad.

Also available in black. Unisex so sizes range from 4 to 12.

This pair of Adidas P Sole Canvas Trainers are £35. Shipping is £3.50.


Office Shoes – online shoe shop without that weird foot measuring device the shoe shop lady used to use on you. Shame on you interwebs.

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  1. Kia Says:
    October 13th, 2011  

    I really like these actually. It would be cool to see if there is any alternative colours. I think I might be swaying more towards the Adidas Gazelle ? It’s a really tough decision

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