Andrew Christian Shock Jock Boxer Frontal Enhancing Underwear – White

18th January 2010

Andrew Christian Shock Jock Boxer Extreme Frontal Enhancing Underwear - White Banglads, the men’s online fashion store, got in contact to let me know about their range of Andrew Christian range of underwear with the ‘Frontal Enhancing Technology’ – which, in layman’s terms, is the same as shoving a sock down your pants. A kinda Wonderbra for your meat and two veg.

This promotion is based on a new game created by Banglads, the Dongometer, are you a ding-dong or ping-pong, how do you measure up?

Available in sizes from XS to XL.

These Andrew Christian Shock Jock Boxers are £25. Shipping starts at £2.


BangLads – a most excellent and comprehensive range of designer products to encapsulate and manage gentleman’s parts.

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