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7th September 2010 - Custom Made Suits & Shirts The second DIY shirt deisgn site of the week is

The design process involves one choice to make per page, which keeps things simple. I liked that all your options are laid out on the page so you just scroll up and down to see tham all. Just click on your choice and the page automatically takes you to the next option.

The bottom of the page tracks the options you’ve made and the ones to be made – you can go back and forth and change your mind constantly…which is what I did.

There’s no overall picture of your shirt which changes as you add things so you do have to keep an image in your mind. But there’s good supporting images and a final overview of all your choices.


To help you not get carried away with terrible design options there’s a couple of starred options highlighting popular choices, so if ever in doubt I just chose that one. have put together a little vid which you can see here…

The design process putting together your shirt is pretty easy. The measurement process is very indepth, the only problem being that if you only want a shirt you need to put in options for jacket and trousers.

Prices for a shirt start at £70 and increasing with the more bells and whistles you want. Shipping is FREE. can also make you a suit and overcoat to go with that new shirt of yours. They also have something called ‘Real world stores‘ where you can leave your computer, get off the internet and actually visit a clothes shop…haven’t done that in years! The beauty of this though is that you could go in once and get yourself professionally measured and then store all your measurements in your account and never have to leave the house again!


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