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23rd September 2010

Bivolino Custom Short Sleeved Shirt That was pretty quick!

After writing a review and ordering my custom shirt at Bivolino on the 6th September, I received it on 17th September.

I was a bit nervous at my design skills and also the sizing of a custom shirt ordered online. Neither was a problem. The shirt fits like a glove. Collar sizes seem to be pretty accurate so I just picked my best fitting shirt and chose that – 16.5.

Regarding the design, my key advice would be, keep it fairly simple. Don’t go crazy trying to include as many colours or features as possible. Copying a shirt you like would be a good start.

The shirt first arrived in this plastic, protective envelope which was itself within a regular padded envelope.

All nicely folded away.

Removing it from the packaging and see the quality of the shirt and a big sigh of relief that you haven’t designed something you’d see in a 1960’s hippy festival.

It’s a pretty straighforward blue/white striped short sleeved shirt but with two key ‘SmartGeezeresque’ modifications. I chose to make the points of the collars a little longer than normal, plus I chose a contrasting placket of a darker blue pattern. I’m really pleased with both choices, especially the placket, it stands out nicely when the shirt is unbuttoned.

I’d strongly recommend Bivolino after this experience. The designing was fun and the product received at the end is excellent. Now I’ve got an account setup and the confidence/illusion that I have some shirt designing talents, I think this could turn into an addiction!

Custom shirts from Bivolino start at £50 and delivery is FREE.


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