Competition: Win £300 Worth of Clothing!

12th October 2010

Competition: Win £300 Worth of Clothing! FashionBeans and Smartgeezer have teamed up to offer YOU a tasty little prize. Over £300 worth of clothing;

1. Ice Watch Chronograph – £119/YOU choose colour
2. Boxfresh Jacket – Large/£65
3. Duck & Cover Polo Shirt – Large/£20
4. Worn By Joe Cocker ‘Stuff’ Tshirt – Large/£35
5. Nueu Corona 3.0 Fat Punk Sunglasses – £65

To win this little bag of goodies first you have to join both of the FashionBeans and Smartgeezer Facebook groups, we will check that you have joined both!

Then post the url (link) of the next clothing item you’re planning to buy on either the FashionBeans or Smartgeezer Facebook wall and we’ll pick a winner.

Any item will do; clothing, footwear, accessories, watches and it doesn’t have to be the most expensive, rarest, limited edition, etc. We’re just interested in what you’re planning to buy next…could simply be a pair of socks! We all need socks!

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Competition ends Midnight Sunday 31st October 2010.

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Banter » Competition: Win £300 Worth of Clothing!
  1. Romana Richards Says:
    October 12th, 2010

    This will look lovely on my son.

  2. SmartGeezer Says:
    October 12th, 2010  

    You’ve got to post the link on either Facebook walls of FashionBeans or SmartGeezer, Ramona.

  3. mick proctor Says:
    October 15th, 2010  

    dude i need that stuff

  4. alison wakefield Says:
    October 17th, 2010 I really really want these

  5. Layla Fletcher Says:
    October 17th, 2010  

    Great comp

  6. Cecelia Allen Says:
    October 18th, 2010

    Absolutely love this and you could wear it anytime. Its going on my Christmas shopping list

  7. wayne caizley Says:
    October 24th, 2010

  8. Ann Willers Says:
    October 24th, 2010  

    Love the prize the men in my life would fight over it

  9. caroline bailey Says:
    October 29th, 2010  

    need this stuff!

  10. MattK Says:
    October 30th, 2011  

    Thanks for sharing. Last minute for me.

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