D&G Shorty Sport Boxers

21st September 2010

D&G Shorty Sport Boxers WashBag sent through these D&G boxer shorts for a review. A good quality pair of tight fitting boxers, everything is kept firmly in place though, which is a definite requirement when doing sport.

Available in size Large only at the moment. You can check out more D&G underwear here or have a look at the full range of all boxer shorts here.

These D&G Shorty Sport Boxers are £19 reduced from £26. Shipping is FREE.


WashBag – a men’s grooming store with many products for haircare, shaving, fragrances, accessories and more all with FREE shipping.

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  1. beerandysmith Says:
    September 21st, 2010  

    I have one these beforeD&G, i wanted to buy new ones…

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