Firetrap Fusion Skinny Fit Jeans

8th November 2010

Firetrap Fusion Skinny Fit Jeans Firetrap have just introduced a new ‘Warehouse’ section on their site featuring a range of clothing at discount prices. I’ve had a butchers and my pick of the bunch are these jeans.

The title says skinny but the photo doesn’t look too skinny, so I’d plump for ‘narrow fit’. The price is skinny, so we’re sweet. Available in sizes 29 long to 33 long.

These Firetrap Fusion Skinny Fit Jeans are £43 reduced from £85 and get FREE shipping on all warehouse orders over £100 with code – WHFREEDEL – valid until midnight Sunday 14th November 2010.


Firetrap – the official site.

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