Firetrap Zappa Loose Fit Jeans

23rd June 2010

Firetrap Zappa Loose Fit Jeans I’ve got a pair of Firetrap jeans and they is well wicked. Not these ones, but if I had any spare money then I’d get these ones. Great looking loose fit, faded style jeans with front and rear pockets that are slightly lower set.

Available in sizes from 29 Short to 38 Long with a whole load inbetween.

This pair of Firetrap Zappa Loose Fit Jeans are £80 and shipping is £5.

Firetrap also have a sale going on here with plenty of great items.


Firetrap – the official site.

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  1. mens designer t-shirts Says:
    June 23rd, 2010  

    Not feeling them…sorry 😉

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