Fly53 Blood Shoes Zip Knit Cardigan

23rd February 2010

Fly53 Blood Shoes Zip Knit Cardigan I think the zip operator at the Fly53 factory was having a bad day but he’s unexpectedly created a unique, stylish top.

The crooked zip gives it a wonky collar, so you might have to stand at an angle so your friends don’t feel sea-sick.

Available in grey and black, in sizes small to XXL.

This Fly53 Blood Shoes Zip Knit Cardigan is £50 and delivery is FREE.


Fly53 – the official online store offering free delivery on all orders over £30, giving you the perfect excuse to spend over £30.

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Banter » Fly53 Blood Shoes Zip Knit Cardigan
  1. Danny Squash Says:
    March 4th, 2010  

    Now THAT is a jumper!! I like those different style clothes that still look stylish and conventional, and this fits the bill! This’ll be my pay day treat.

  2. SmartGeezer Says:
    March 4th, 2010  

    Hold on until tomorrow, I may just throw a spanner in the works for you.

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