Peter Werth Double Breasted Melton Coat

28th September 2010

Peter Werth Mens Double Breasted Melton Coat I spotted this deal last week and now I’ve got the coat sent through I can confirm this is a stonking good offer.

I was looking for a peacoat and this is as near as damn it. 75% wool, double buttons, two main pockets and an inside one. Available in sizes small to XXL, plus in this navy blue and black and grey.

Get the right size as a baggy coat isn’t a good look. This is true fitting, I got a medium and it’s snug without being tight.

This Peter Werth Double Breasted Melton Coat is £50 down from £110! Delivery £4.


MandM Direct – is a great online store with a range of designer products, many of them at heavily reduced prices.

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  1. james Says:
    February 23rd, 2011  


    do you know if:
    1. this coat has a single vent, double vent or no vents?

    and 2. if its the same length as a peacoat( i.e around waist height)

    I would very much appreciate your help and response as M and M direct dosent have any info on this and so does their customer service team!.


  2. SmartGeezer Says:
    February 25th, 2011  

    1. No vents.
    2. Just below waist height, my one (Size 3/Medium) ends about halfway down my bum.

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