Bench Eli Tracksuit Top

2nd February 2011

Bench Post V-Neck Knit Jumper I like virtually everything on this Bench jacket, the collars, the drawstrong cord, the plain colour, the contrasting black zip, thumb holes…the only thing I’m not mad about is the huge logo on the sleeve.

I’t ain’t that bad though.

Available in small to XXL and also available in grey.

This Bench Eli Tracksuit Top is £45 and shipping is free.


Bench – the official site with some exclusive items not found anywhere else. Worth a butchers my son.

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  1. Dylan Young Says:
    February 11th, 2011  

    I absolutely love Bench clothing, can’t get enough of it, especially now they’re bringing back the large logo stuff and ditching the weird chest patterns! Found this post while looking for new clothing, worth a read

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