Diesel Krooley 73N Jeans

3rd February 2011

Diesel Krooley 73N Jeans PREMISE: These are a top notch stylish pair of Diesel jeans.

PREMISE: They’re half price.

PREMISE: I have no money.

CONCLUSION: Therefore I shall be buying a pair.

Available in sizes W32/L30 to W36/L30.

These Diesel Krooley 73N Jeans are £55 reduced from £110 and shipping is FREE.


Bridge55 – online fashion store with a great selection of designer brands.

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  1. SmartGeezer Says:
    February 18th, 2011  

    I bought these but had to return them as they are quite a slim fit. They are a top quality pair of jeans and the waist was fine (32) but they are much more slim fit than they appear in the photo and I’ve already got some dark blue slim fitting jeans so I didn’t want yet another pair and returned them.

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