Firetrap Rom-Gem Wreston Jeans

12th July 2011

Firetrap Rom-Gem Straight Leg Jeans - Wreston Just mooching around online and found this top notch pair of jeans PLUS they’re on sale. What more do you need!

Plenty more top bargains in the Fallen Hero sale here, including more from Firetrap and more jeans.

Available in sizes 28/32 to 38/34.

These Firetrap Rom-Gem Wreston Jeans are £35 reduced from £70 and shipping is £4.


Fallen Hero – a great range of menswear designer items from loads of brands. Free UK Delivery Over £75.

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  1. smell my stink Says:
    August 12th, 2011  

    For the freshest designs that never stink

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