jac5 Barking Mad Y-Fronts

15th November 2011

jac5 Barking Mad Y-Fronts Woah! This is a bit strong for a Tuesday morning, innit?!

Keep the family jewels snug and jiggle-free with these undercrackers. Elasticated, chunky waistband and stretch cotton for a firm hold on the meat and two veg.

Available in sizes small to XL. Loads more styles and colours available too if these are too ‘brief’ for your rancid carcass.

These jac5 Barking Mad Y-Fronts are $29 (£18) and there’s FREE international shipping to get these little blighters to Blighty.


jac5 – based in Hong Kong with FREE wordlwide shipping, an emporium of colourful and stylish underwear for Geezers.

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