RAF by RAF Simons Denim

30th November 2011

RAF by RAF Simons Denim These are a stonking good deal over at the YOOX sale.

RAF Simons jeans in a simplistic style, over sized rear pockets, high waisted and something different to the regular denim you get.

Available in waist sizes 28 to 36.

These RAF Simons denim jeans are £45 reduced from £85 and shipping is £6.


YOOX – a huge online store of top designer brands. Plenty of items in the YOOX sale here which will suck you in like the eye of a hurricane.

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  1. Mensfit Says:
    December 1st, 2011  

    These are what every guy should have in their wardrobe. There’s a slight sheen to the denim that offsets any neutral, matte colour which make for an easy, stylish outfit.

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