Rhythm Den Haag Peacoat

7th October 2011

Rhythm Den Haag Peacoat A stylish double-breasted peacoat made from a 65% wool mix in metallic grey with epaullettes and black detailing in the cuffs and back.

More from Australian brand, Rhythm here

Available in sizes small to XL.

This Rhythm Den Haag Peacoat is £130 and shipping is £3. Use code – hard10 – 10% off all products, ends 31st October 2011.


Hardcloud – an online surf and snow store with a good range of gear including clothes, equipment and accessories.

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  1. Matthew Mitchison Says:
    October 11th, 2011  

    You share a very good information about Rhythm Den Haag Peacoat i like it

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