Ted Baker Downlow Sweatshirt

23rd August 2011

Ted Baker Downlow Sweatshirt I featured a similar jumper to this by LEE last month but I prefer this one because of the darker contrasting bits. BUT! This does have elbow patches.

Perfect if you’re a geography teacher. If you’re not, then you may want to check out the LEE jumper again.

Available in sizes 2 (36 inch chest) to 6 (44 inch chest). Also available in purple.

This Ted Baker Downlow Sweatshirt is £65 and UK shipping is £4.50.


Ted Baker – the offical online store of the Ted Baker brand with clothes, accessories, gifts, shoes and more.

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  1. cornelius braithwaite Says:
    August 23rd, 2011  

    i had something like this from ted baker a few years ago, it didnt wash too well. i found a new store on neal street that sold me a really cool italian made v-neck for £80. the brand called versatile apparel, they got some cool stuff in.

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