Voi Jeans Hartford T-Shirt

29th February 2012

Voi Jeans Hartford T-Shirt We all need tshirts so here’s some quality ones from a quality brand with a special 2 for 1 offer so you can stock up.

An essential basic item but don’t scrimp on a cheap one from the market or LIDL, get one with shape and constructed well.

Available in sizes small to XL and also in a myriad of colours.

These Voi Jeans Hartford T-Shirts are £15 each or £25 for two. Shipping £4.


BANK Fashion – great range of designer brands for men and women. Free UK Delivery Over £50.

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Duck & Cover

Hunter Festival Poncho

28th February 2012

Hunter Festival Poncho Here’s a first on SmartGeezer, a poncho!

Hunter is known for their amazing range of Hunter Wellies today the Guys at allsole were kind enough to let us have a hunter poncho

In the corner of the photo is what it looks like all packed up. Easy to fold up into the reversible pocket with a hood, arm holes and shower proof for when you’re watching your favourite band at a festival.

Just don’t fall into the mud.

This Hunter Festival Poncho is £20 and delivery is FREE.


All Sole – footwear specialists featuring brands such as Hunter, Grenson, UGG and more for men and women. FREE delivery in the UK.

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Saucony ‘Jazz Original’ Trainers

24th February 2012

Saucony Jazz O Trainers Saucony sent through these relaunched ‘Jazz O’ trainers, originally released in 1981.

These trainers have a mix of nylon and leather upper with contrasting red laces and lining. The sole has excellent grip and the chunkiest rubber padding I’ve seen for a long time. A true fitting, well constructed trainer that makes it ultra comfortable.

These Saucony ‘Jazz O’ Trainers are £50.

This new model will launch in Size? branches in the UK. You can buy other styles of Saucony trainers at SportsShoes.com.

Saucony – a brand specialising in trainers and clothing for runners.

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Boxfresh Cana Shirt

23rd February 2012

BOXFRESH CANA LONG SLEEVE SHIRT A bang-tidy little number this shirt form Boxfresh.

Little collar, slim-fit with a skewiff chest pocket to give this no-nonsense shirt something unique.

Available in sizes small to XXL.

More Boxfresh clothing at Footasylum including the latest from the S/S12 collection.

This Boxfresh Cana Shirt is £50 and delivery is £4.


Footasylum – the web store of the high street chain which is handy as there’s no store in my town!

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Clarks Originals Skiffler Shoes

22nd February 2012

Clarks Originals Skiffler Shoes I like these but not sure whether I like them enough to actually fork out £75.

But SmartGeezer isn’t just here to cater for my narrow-minded tastes, it here’s to serve all SmartGeezers, so cast your opinion forthwith in the comments below.

Available in sizes 7 to 11.

If you’re unsure about these then check out the full range of footwear at Triads.

These Blue Clarks Originals Skiffler Shoes are £75 and delivery is £4.


Triads – premium online menswear store which will probably cause your bank manager to phone your house…on a bank holiday.

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Paul Smith Vintage Wash Jeans

21st February 2012

Paul Smith Jeans Mens Vintage Wash Easy Fit Denim Jeans This vintage goodness from Paul Smith means you’re getting some top quality soft fit, distressed jeans that drastically improve your bottom half.

It’s the top half you’ve got to worry about now.

Available in sizes W30/L32 to W38/L34.

Plenty more Paul Smith stuff here.

These Paul Smith Vintage Wash Easy Fit Jeans are £88 reduced from £110. Shipping is £4.50.


Van Mildert – a great online store with a wide selection of items from many brands.

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Nike AW77 Vintage Hoody

16th February 2012

Nike AW77 Vintage Hoody A tasty slice of retroness.

This Nike hoody with it’s contrasting white stitching has headphone friendly holes bringing it into the present.

Available in sizes small to XL.

This same style also available in Blue.

This Nike AW77 Vintage Hoody is £60 and delivery is £4.


Size? – one of the best purveyors of trainerage on the internet along with clothing, accessories and a clearance section to go bargain hunting in.

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Edwin ED-55 Relaxed Jeans

15th February 2012

Edwin ED-55 Relaxed Jeans Some top quality denim here and make no mistake, mister.

100% unwashed ringspun cotton with tapered leg, button fly and no-nonsense styling mean these jeans are worth a butchers.

Available in sizes 32W/32L to 34W/34L.

A few more products from Edwin including some more denim.

These Edwin ED-55 Relaxed Jeans are £79. FREE delivery.


End Clothing – independent menswear shop with an intrawebsite on teh webs. Great range of brands and items.

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Lyle & Scott Vintage Grey Jumper

14th February 2012

Lyle & Scott Vintage Grey Contrast Sweatshirt It’s Valentines Day! Forget about all that old rubbish and treat yourself to something, how about this sweatshirt from Lyle & Scott.

Available in sizes small to XXL.

This same jumper is also available in Yellow and Blue. PLenty more Lyle & Scott items available too.

This Lyle & Scott Vintage Grey Contrast Sweatshirt is £75 delivery is FREE.


Six Whiting Street – a cacophony of designer menswear items beckoning you with sweet melodies.

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Fabric II Twisted Chinos

13th February 2012

Fabric II Twisted Chinos You gotta have a pair of chinos on hand to relieve the boredom of jeans. These chinos with their twisting seam down the leg and soft cotton construction make a great alternative.

Available in sizes 28W/30L to 38W/34L.

More trousers and chinos at Republic if this pair ain’t quite cutting the mustard for you.

These Fabric II Twisted Chinos are £30 reduced from £40 and shipping is £4.


Republic – great online store with a wide selection of items from designer brands at good prices.

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