Firetrap Sapper Grey Stripe Jumper

15th October 2012

Firetrap Sapper Grey Stripe Jumper A simple grey jumper for your enjoyment. I’m keeping things light for MOnday, items will get progressively more complex and confusing as the week goes on.

Available in sizes small to XL.

More items from Firetrap at Box Clothing including other jumpers.

This Firetrap Sapper Grey Stripe Jumper is £28 reduced from £55. FREE delivery on orders over £100. Use code – HALLOWEEN15 – for 10% off, ends 4th November 2012!


Box Clothing – designer menswear from some top brands and from some lesser known ones, a good selection.

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  1. johnsmith Says:
    October 23rd, 2012  

    love it
    Brother Fashions

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