Paul Smith Vintage Wash Jeans

21st February 2012

Paul Smith Jeans Mens Vintage Wash Easy Fit Denim Jeans This vintage goodness from Paul Smith means you’re getting some top quality soft fit, distressed jeans that drastically improve your bottom half.

It’s the top half you’ve got to worry about now.

Available in sizes W30/L32 to W38/L34.

Plenty more Paul Smith stuff here.

These Paul Smith Vintage Wash Easy Fit Jeans are £88 reduced from £110. Shipping is £4.50.


Van Mildert – a great online store with a wide selection of items from many brands.

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  1. Jewelryee Says:
    February 21st, 2012  

    Paul Smith Vintage Wash Jeans looks good, do you have black color? or pure white color for this kind?

  2. abercrombie Says:
    February 24th, 2012  

    hey!love the jean.wish summer coming

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