Top 5 Cufflinks This Christmas!

21st November 2012

Top 5 Cufflinks This Christmas! We all love cufflinks, in fact James Bond adores them (we think), and there’s nothing quite like turning up to a party all shiny with a cocktail at hand. In fact, men have loved them since the seventeenth century when they needed something strong and elegant to hold together their cuffs. In the twenty-first century, very little has changed.

Ace enamelled Stencilart Glitter Cufflinks by Tyler and Tyler – If your partner sees himself as a bit of a flash fellow who likes to take risks in Vegas, then these wonderfully bright Cufflinks by Tyler and Tyler are assured to form a priceless smile in the eyes of your loved one.

Union Jack Cufflinks by ICE – Designed by ICE London, these wonderful cufflinks come in a fabulous gift box and will help celebrate all the good that has gone off during the past twelve months. With the Olympics and the Jubilee both happening this summer, there is no better time to celebrate what is good about Britain in the winter.

Anger enamelled Stencilart White Bricks Cufflinks by Tyler and Tyler – Cufflinks that are perhaps a little more amusing than elegant, these hip fellows are great for the ‘lad’ in your life, though would probably be best served as an ironic statement rather than a statement of fact.

Purple enamelled Spring – Black Metal Finish Cufflinks by Tyler and Tyler – Touching more on your on your gentleman’s feminine side, these wonderful links are great for the metrosexual inside. Unique and wonderful for those dark winter nights, these cufflinks are some of the best die-struck hand enameled cufflinks on the market.

White enamelled Victorian Wallpaper Clarence Cufflinks by Tyler and Tyler – Delving into something a little more traditional, these Victorian-esque wallpaper styled cufflinks show wrist jewelry at the height of their elegant potential. From just £28 they offer a lovely stocking filler for Christmas this year, click here for details. – Plenty more cufflinks and other clothing accessories at great prices with FREE UK shipping.

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