A Man’s Guide to Accessories

4th June 2013

A Man’s Guide to Accessories Lusting over that Rick Owen’s trench coat you saw at Hostem in Redchurch Street? As a stylish dapper bloke, sometimes it’s fine to splurge a little to look your ultimate best. It might put a large dent on your wallet, but these are some of the essential accessories and clothing that should be ever omnipresent in your wardrobe. Trends come and go like that ridiculous neon camouflage bomber jacket or studded hoodie, but some classics should never be tampered with or even questioned. So here are some of those essentials that will make you look good and feel good because these items exude real class and are definitely made to last.

First off, what better way to wipe yourself off after having a proper gentleman’s tea at Swan at The Globe than a handkerchief? Yes, you heard me, this is not a mark of a pansy, rather, it’s the best accessory a gentleman can have. You can even offer this to some damsels in (makeup) distress. If you want to go the extra mile, you can check out Bromleys in London for more accessories. Another accessory every man should have is a fine-tip pen. Sure, your Bic works fine, if you’re drawing doodles on the cafeteria table. A Mont Blanc or Cross fountain pen conveys subtle class and power when it comes to signing off those contracts or bonds. When in doubt, always carry with you a book, it could be Catch-22 or any Malcolm Gladwell. If you’re into online games, why not practice your gaming strategies and skills on your tablet or android phone with sites such as http://www.partycasino.com? There’s Blackjack and Roulette and new and exciting games where you can be entertained for hours. James Bond is known to be a true, suave hustler so why not emanate his style with this updated casino experience. You can also improve your game when you watch video tutorials online. You can also check out the swanky Ritz Club in London for some thrilling casino action. Most importantly, what you need to carry that tablet of yours is a leather briefcase that can also double as an overnight bag. You can check out Sandqvist and Coach for the best ones out there.

When it comes to clothes, always keep in mind that less is more. Your wardrobe arsenal should include dress shirts especially striped ones and white ones. Brooks Brothers is a good place to start. A cotton jacket or a wool jacket is also just fundamental in building your wardrobe. Aside from your trusty denim, you should also possess corduroy trousers and chinos as well. When it comes to shoes, suede boots and leather oxfords are an absolute must. Trainers such as Onitsuka Tiger are great for those casual days and a boat shoe is perfect this spring.

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