Arena Menswear – Worthing

19th August 2013

Arena Menswear - Worthing For the first time ever, I got an invite to an actual store! Luckily, they’re in my town.

I went and saw Mark over at Arena Menswear, along Warwick Street in Worthing, and had an interesting conversation and checked out some of the latest gear they’ve got. If you know Worthing you’ll know Arena but if you’re not from round these parts, then pop in for a butchers.

Loads of great brands such as Superdry, Levis, Diesel, Criminal Damage, Lacoste and more all situated on two floors in a great little shop with friendly, helpful staff.


Mark’s tip was to check out their new stock from Danish brand, ‘Minimum‘. They’ve got a few jumpers on the site but they also had some really nice shirts in store too, so get yourself down there.

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