Audio-Technica 7iS Earphones

10th October 2013

Audio-Technica 7iS Earphones Not technically ‘menswear’ but this is 2013 buddy! Hardware is fashionable!

These badboys are a step up from your white Apple ones. Featuring volume control on the tangle-free cord, 360 degree rotating ear bud along with ‘ear grip’ providing every kind of ear comfort and secureness (is that a word?). Plenty of spares too which is great.

Great sound plus it’s tangle-free! Do you understand the leap forward Mankind has just taken with a tangle-free headphone cord??? This is huge!

These Audio-Technica 7iS Earphones are £60 and delivery is £5.


Audio-Technica – great selection of technology featuring a range of headphones and earphones plus mics, decks and more.

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