Diesel Jurlo Black Panelled Jacket

9th October 2013

Diesel Jurlo Black Panelled Jacket The Autumn is closing in so you’re going to need a jacket, howabout this Diesel bomber style jacket with zips galore?

A step up from your old 80’s bomber jacket, this is SmartGeezer! Diesel have updated it with zips, panels, and dragged it into the 20-Teens with modernist stylings and stuff!

Only available in sizes medium to XXL.

Loads more from Diesel at Box Clothing including more jackets plus trousers, tshirts, jumpers, shirts and more.

This Diesel Jurlo Black Panelled Jacket is £130 and delivery is £5.


Box Clothing – designer menswear from some top brands and from some lesser known ones, a good selection. FREE delivery on all orders over £75.

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