Maians Sisto Rejilla Plimsolls

22nd May 2013

Maians Men's Sisto Rejilla Navy & Off White Woven Plimsolls The word ‘plimsoll’ strikes fear into any ex-schoolboy from the 80’s. I understand your fear, but check these out. It’s like a Skoda rising from the ashes in a Phoenix stylee…plimsolls rebooted for the modern day.

Available in sizes 7 to 11. Also available in Beige/Blue

More men’s footwear available at Van Mildert if these aren’t ticking any boxes for you.

These Maians Sisto Rejilla Navy & Off White Woven Plimsolls are £55. Shipping is £4.50.


Van Mildert – a great online store with a wide selection of items from many brands. FREE delivery on orders over £100 plus no hassle returns.

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