Nike Lunar Chenchukka Quickstrike

19th July 2013

Nike Lunar Chenchukka Quickstrike I love these chunky high top trainers from Nike.

A cross between a hiking boot, trainer and some kind of moonwear. The luminous green contrasts well with the grey. The unusual features such as the side panels, grid pattern on the toe, the toe stitching, fly lacing all combine to make these a must have stand out pair of trainers.

I searched online and there’s also a cool grey/anthracite colour combo but only available in the USA. Let me know if you get some of these in Crooked Tongues!

Available in sizes from 7 to 11.

These Nike Lunar Chenchukka Quickstrike trainers are £94. Delivery is £1.


Crooked Tongues – loads of trainers, footwear and some clothing.

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