Rounderbum Light Lift Boxers

1st October 2013

Rounderbum Light Lift Boxers Rounderwear got in contact to let us know about their range of underwear which serve to give your bum a lift.

These trunk style boxer shorts are close fitting and constructed to give your gluteus maximus some much needed ‘Stylus Maximus’. Great fit and feel and almost makes you want to walk around without any trousers on…almost.

More Rounderbum products here at Rounderwear including boxer shorts, Y-fronts and briefs all geared to show your bum in the best light.

These Rounderbum Light Lift Boxers are $23 (£15) and delivery is $30 (£19).


Rounderwear – a wide range of underwear for men and women. Shipped form the USA so select a few items to make the shipping cost worthwhile.

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