Ben Sherman Navy Memory Blouson

25th March 2014

Ben Sherman Navy Memory Nylon Blouson Forgive my ignorance but isn’t this a Harrington jacket? Not sure naming it a ‘Blouson’ is the best way to get a geezer’s attention…having said that, this did get my attention.

I know nothing. Move on.

There’s plenty more jackets and coats to choose from here if this one isn’t quite cutting your lawn.

Check out the latest arrivals and new collections at Ben Sherman here.

This Ben Sherman Navy Memory Blouson is £95. Shipping is £5.


Ben Sherman – the official online store of this mod inspired British brand. FREE shipping on all orders over £100.

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Banter » Ben Sherman Navy Memory Blouson
  1. wellcs Says:
    March 25th, 2014  

    i like this jacket, dark blue? black will be more cool

  2. Ped Says:
    April 2nd, 2014  

    it looks like comfortable to wear

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