Snugg iPhone 5S Ultra Thin Case

7th March 2014

Snugg iPod Nano 6G Quality Watch Strap The Snugg sent over this thin case for the iPhone 5S. I’ve been using it all week and I love it.

I never use a case but this one is hardly noticeable. It gives you a little more grip than the phone itself does but still slides into your pocket nice and easily, plus you’ve got an added layer of protection should the worse happen. Top buy!

There’s iphone 5S cases available here in plenty of different colours and styles.

This Snugg iPhone 5S Ultra Thin Case is £10 reduced from £25 and shipping is £3.


The Snugg – a collection of cases for ipads, kindles, phones and more. FREE shipping on all orders over £30.

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