Winter Survival Kit

24th March 2014

No-Nonsense Shoe ShoppingThe British are very self aware, and this fact means that when they grumble about the weather, they also like to laugh it off and point out that they always moan about the weather. This year, however, things are actually pretty dreadful. The effect the weather has had on people’s commutes, in particular, has made life a little bit tough. Navigating past fallen trees, shuffling along in traffic as you take a 6 mile detour past closed, flooded roads and being entirely unsure if you’re still on the road as you whack your windscreen wipers up to full and steer against the latest gust of 70mph wind are all situations people have become accustomed to this winter ( and let’s not even get started on the trains!). If your commute involves even the slightest bit of walking you’re likely to arrive home most evenings cold, wet and miserable. Here’s a list of essential items you should have at home waiting for you to make sure your evenings go better than your daily travelling sessions.

First things first – once you get in and you realise that you’ve just dripped a substantial puddle through your hallway and that you’ve lost all sensation in the tips of your fingers, toes and nose, it’s time to get warm, dry and comfortable. There’s no better way to do so than the fashion-favourite warmth garment known as a onesie. Guys may feel like this isn’t an option for them, but fear not,
George onesies for men show that the scales have started to balance and you needn’t miss out on the comfort if you’re a man. If you really want to get the best out of your new snug garment, set your heating to come on 10 minutes before you get home and leave your favourite onesie on the radiator waiting for you to get in.

Hot Drinks
There’s no point sitting down to cosy up on the sofa with your pre-warmed onesie and your rediscovered toes if you haven’t got a toasty beverage to wrap your icy fingers around. Tea and coffee are reliable favourites, but if you’re planning on sticking the kettle on every time you get in from work you may want to be mixing things up a bit. Hot chocolate and green tea are great additions to your cupboards but there are a variety of flavoured teas to try out that you might overlook through the rest of the year. Now’s your chance to discover something new to get you through the winter.

Although it’s best not to be relying on these to actually warm your house, dotting some candles with full, rich smells around the place will make you feel much cosier. Between the lighting and the fragrances, they’re a powerful tool for keeping the winter at bay when the cold seems to be trying to creep in at every opportunity.

Forget the horrible conditions when you reach home with your winter survival essential kit and, fingers crossed, you might just be ready to brave the storms again by the next morning.

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