Adidas Mens 3 Stripe Jammer

10th April 2015

Adidas Mens 3 Stripe Jammer got in contact and said I could choose anything for £25. This was great for 2 reasons; another freebie plus I do actually swim regularly. Result!

I went for these full length swimming trunks, or ‘Jammers’, by Adidas. I’ve always use the boxer short style trunks so I thought I’d try these longer ones, and they’re fantastic. Makes you feel even more snug and streamlined…I need all the help I can get nowadays!

I sized up one and they fit perfectly.

Check out the full range of Adidas swimming gear at Swim Shop.

These Adidas Mens 3 Stripe Jammer swimming shorts are £25 reduced from £30 and delivery is £2.


– a wide range of clothing and accessories for swimming and triathlon for both men and women. FREE delivery on all orders over £25.

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