Levis 501 Straight Fit Jeans

16th March 2015

Levis 501 Straight Fit Jeans There’s nothing more unoriginal than a pair of blue Levis jeans on a menswear blog but fuck it, SmartGeezer doesn’t shirk from featuring such staples as a pair of Levis jeans. The site may look like a communist office block in Warsaw circa 1978 and now it feels like it.

Tomorrow…a McDonalds.

Available in sizes 30R to 36R with a few Longs and Shorts thrown in for good measure.

Check out the full range of Levis items at Scotts Menswear here including more denim, plus some tshirts, shirts and jumpers.

These Levis 501 Straight Fit Jeans are £69 and delivery is £4.


Scotts Online – online menswear store stocking a solid range of designer brands with free shipping over £70.

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