About Us

SmartGeezer.co.uk is an online UK mens clothing blog updated Monday to Friday with trainers, clothing and any other stuff I think looks good and isn't outrageously priced and overly poncy.

I check out the good stuff available online now. Not the poxy crap on runways that'll get released in 3 years time and cost 500 quid - leave that to your mineral water drinking metrosexuals in their sunbeds talking about the latest episode of 'Ugly Betty' or some crap.

This clothing blog is about the here and now; get some good looking clobber today at a reasonable price, get it through the post in a few days and then wear it in town at the weekend and woo a few birds with your stunning threads and hilarious banter.

It's all online too. Don't waste weekends and evenings walking round the shops when you should be out drinking beer and watching football. Do it at work when you should be working. Simple, innit.

If you want to let me know about something you've seen or something you sell, then just fill in the Contact Form.

You what?

A menswear shopping blog for smart geezers. No poncy crap.
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